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HQ Intake provides the support you need to effectively run your law firm at the fraction of the cost of hiring and training in-house intake professionals. Our intake specialists can save you time and help grow your revenue by answering inbound calls and turning your best leads into high-quality clients. HQ Intake representatives are trained to help potential clients feel confident and secure throughout the entire intake and signing process, so you can focus on providing exceptional legal representation without having to worry about the logistics.

At HQ Intake, we know every call counts. Let us elevate and maximize the value you get from every lead.

Legal Marketing Agencies

In addition to law firms, HQ Intake also serves legal marketing agencies. Our highly skilled professionals have sales and inbound marketing experience, which makes a world of difference when you’re trying to maximize the ROI on your ad campaigns. Make the most of your marketing budget by using HQ’s trained and professional intake specialists.

At HQ, your leads are our top priority.

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